What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Roll Off Dumpster Rental Service?

If you’re overseeing a construction site or if you’re a homeowner doing a renovation, an addition, or a cleanout, there’s going to be a lot of waste generated. How are you going to dispose of it?

There’s too much to put out for regular curbside services. Plus, much of it will be either too bulky or something that’s not accepted for regular pickup.

So what can you do? Leaving it there isn’t an option because it’s ugly, it’s probably not allowed, and it may present accident risks or contain materials that could be hazardous.

You could haul it away yourself if you have a pickup truck and if there’s a landfill within reasonable driving time. You could also pay a junk removal service to come to take it away. Or you can look into roll-off dumpster rentals.

Renting a dumpster means you’ll have access to a rectangular, open-topped dumpster that’s delivered to your site and hauled away when you’re finished with it. While you have the rental dumpster, you fill it on your own schedule.

Roll-off dumpsters come with several distinct benefits. We’re going to look at them as well as the disadvantages of those other two options and how roll-off dumpsters are good solutions to them.


When hauling waste to a landfill is your disposal choice, you have to have the right vehicle for it, probably a pickup truck, to start with. Then you have to drive to and from a landfill to dispose of the waste, which costs time and gas. And the farther away the landfill is and the more waste there is to dispose of, the more trips you take, the time you consume, and the gas you burn.

Contrast that with the convenience of a roll-off dumpster rental. The rental company delivers it to your site and uses a hydraulic truck bed to set the dumpster in a flat spot, usually a driveway.

As to loading the dumpster, that’s pretty easy except for the largest and heaviest items because the top is usually low enough for ease of access. Sometimes, roll-off dumpsters have double doors on one end so that it’s easier to dispose of those larger and heavier items.

Then, when you’re done, the rental company returns, loads the dumpster back onto the truck bed, and drives it away, taking care of the rest of the disposal process for you. There are no extra trips or worries for you.

Cost Savings

At first, you might think that renting something as large as a roll-off dumpster is going to be too expensive, but you could be in for a pleasant surprise. Rates are affordable, and they’re lower than you might expect since the volume of dumpster rentals lets the rental company spread the costs more evenly among its customers.

Economically, renting a roll-off dumpster makes the most sense when you have larger quantities of waste. If you’re getting rid of a set of old kitchen chairs, it’s probably going to be more affordable to hire a junk removal service. They’ll come out, give you a quote, and then they’ll take everything away if you agree to the price.

Keep in mind, though, that while these junk removal services provide great convenience, they charge by volume, so the more there is, the more you’ll pay, and this could easily surpass the cost of a rental dumpster for bigger projects like kitchen renovations, roof replacements, and cleanouts of basements and garages. With the dumpster, you’re paying for its size and the time you keep it; while you have it, you can fill it with as much as you want as long as you don’t exceed weight or capacity limits, and it doesn’t affect the rental price.

Keeps a Site Clean, Safe, and More Eco-Friendly

During a construction or cleanup project, there’s no getting around generating lots of waste and debris. If you leave it sitting around in a home or yard, a number of problems can result. First, it can become disorderly, leading to even bigger messes. Also, there’s a risk of injury if people trip or fall around the debris or if items shift. If there’s organic matter in the waste, it can attract rodents and insects as it decays, and this can lead to structural damage, infestations, and exposure to harmful diseases. Finally, decaying waste and hazardous chemicals can give off harmful gasses or present other health risks.

Having a central, secure place to dispose of that waste keeps your location clean and safe, and it helps prevent the chance of dangerous chemicals soaking into lawns or running off into the watershed.

Compliance with Waste Disposal Regulations

Every locality has regulations regarding what can and cannot be disposed of in a dumpster and how to dispose of particular items. Running afoul of them can result in hefty fines and other additional costs. When you rent a dumpster, the rental company will know those local rules and help you make sure to stay in compliance with them. The rental company will also make sure to dispose of everything properly and legally after they pick up the dumpster.

RGH Waste & Disposal: Roll-Off Dumpsters Near You

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Lisa is the General Manager of RGH Waste and Disposal LLC. After many years of working in waste management, Lisa has ‘seen it all’ and then some! She knows the 'ins' and 'outs' of waste disposal and has a wealth of experience from years of working with first-time dumpster renters to seasoned commercial clients.