How Do I Dispose of Large or Bulky Items?

Disposing of large items can be a challenge. Mattresses, box springs, couches, appliances, and other bulky items are necessities in any home that eventually wear out, break down, or become unneeded as styles and preferences change.

Getting rid of these items can be difficult for several reasons. First, their size creates a challenge; ask anyone who’s ever had to get a mattress from a bedroom and down the stairs to dispose of it or who’s had to remove an old, dilapidated couch from a basement with no walk-out option.

The logistics of transporting and disposing of such items can also present problems, and a lot of services and locations won’t take them. It’s little wonder, though still inexcusable, that people sometimes just illegally dump them.

So, when it comes time for disposing of large items, it’s good to know ahead of time what options you have.

large waste disposed

Check with Your Regular Trash Service About Special Pickups

Your regular trash service may pick up smaller items such as chairs, but they probably won’t take larger ones. However, they may do a special pickup of larger unwanted items if you arrange for them in advance. If they do, you’ll still have to get everything out to the curb, and there probably will be an extra fee, but this is still a convenient and relatively low-cost option, especially if you have just one item such as a couch or mattress to dispose of.

If your trash service doesn’t offer this option, check with your municipal waste management agency. They might have collection sites for large items that regular trash services won’t take. You’ll have to transport the items yourself, but at least you’ll be rid of them.

Take It to a Landfill

For people with a landfill within reasonable driving distance, this might be a good option. However, you need to have the right vehicle for it, usually a pickup truck. And if it’s more than one large item that you need to dispose of, you may have to make multiple trips, which of course creates extra hassle and inconvenience. The landfill may also charge a fee for its use of it.

If you think a landfill might be a good option for you, make sure to check ahead of time as to whether or not they accept what you need to get rid of. No one is going to like having wasted time and gas going out to a landfill only to be told that their items weren’t allowed.

Sell or Donate Your Large, Unwanted Items

If you’re swapping out furniture or appliances because you’re going for a fresh look or just want newer items, you might be able to sell the old items if they’re still in good condition. Nobody wants to buy an old stained mattress that sags in the middle, but if, say, one of the kids has just moved out on their own and has left behind a mattress or desk that’s still in perfectly good shape, you can probably find someone willing to buy it.

The classic and maybe the easiest way to sell off unwanted household items is to hold a yard or garage sale. However, with the explosion in participation on social media, you now have many online platforms to use to reach a wider audience for selling items. This is a nice way to get some extra cash, but if you don’t find a taker, you’re still stuck with your unwanted items.

Rather than trying to sell your items, you can offer them for free or donate them to a charitable organization that can use them. People love free stuff, and they’ll be happy to come to your house to get it, and nonprofits and charities will be grateful for used items in good condition, and you can probably get a tax benefit out of your donation, too.

Reuse or Recycle Materials

Items with a lot of metal or wood that might be salvageable may be welcome at a local recycling center. Check ahead of time as to what they will take and how it should be delivered. Be aware that this may require manual labor and tools (make sure to use gloves and eye protection) to break up or strip down the item(s).

Hire a Junk Removal Service

One of the most convenient options, hiring a junk removal service has some real benefits. The junk-removal pros come to your home and do all the work. After that, your unwanted items are out of sight and out of mind. They should also be licensed and insured so that if they cause any damage, they’ll cover it. On the other hand, if you knock a hole in the wall while trying to get a couch out of a room, fixing it is entirely on you.


Rent a Roll-Off Dumpster with RGH Waste & Disposal

A roll-off dumpster is a large rectangular bin with an open top, and sometimes double doors on one end, that makes disposing of large amounts of waste easy and convenient. The rental company delivers the dumpster to a flat spot such as a driveway or section of the yard. You specify how long you need the dumpster, and then you fill it at your own pace. On pickup day, the company comes back to get the dumpster and then takes care of the rest of the disposal process for you.

Roll-off dumpsters are great for construction projects, renovations, and remodeling, but they’re also good for things like a basement, garage, or whole-house cleanout. Renting one doesn’t make sense for getting rid of just a mattress, but if your home could use a good cleanout of old items you don’t want anymore, this might be the way to go.

If you need a dumpster rental in Orlando, you’ll get same- or next-day delivery, on-time pick up, and fair and upfront pricing with RGH Waste & Disposal. Get a quote today, and let’s get rid of those unwanted items you don’t need taking up space anymore!


Lisa is the General Manager of RGH Waste and Disposal LLC. After many years of working in waste management, Lisa has ‘seen it all’ and then some! She knows the 'ins' and 'outs' of waste disposal and has a wealth of experience from years of working with first-time dumpster renters to seasoned commercial clients.