What Is the Process of Getting a Roll-Off Dumpster Rental in Orlando?

Rental dumpsters, also sometimes referred to as temporary dumpsters, are excellent waste disposal options for a number of reasons. Consider several of the benefits of renting a dumpster:

  • The rental company delivers them to your home or worksite and picks them up when you’re finished. Then the rental company takes care of the final disposal for you.
  • Roll-off dumpsters are incredibly versatile and can be used for projects such as construction; roofing or flooring replacements; renovations and remodels; cleanups of basements, garages, and yards; storm and community event cleanups; and more. They’re also large enough to be good for more than one project at once.
  • Their rectangular shape, sturdy construction, open tops, and relatively low height all make it easy to dispose of almost anything. Some roll-off dumpsters have double doors on one end so that it’s easier to dispose of large and heavy items.
  • Rental dumpsters provide a safe, secure, and leak-proof way to dispose of waste so that you can worry less about health hazards and injuries as you keep your site safe and clean. If you have employees working at the site, then the reduced risk of injury.
  • You get to decide how long you need the dumpster, and then you get to fill it at your own pace.
  • Unlike hiring a junk removal service, where you pay by volume and costs can quickly pile up for anything but very small jobs, you pay for the dumpster size and for the time you need it when you rent a roll-off dumpster. 
  • There are no trips to a landfill in order to dispose of waste. Such trips usually require owning, renting, or otherwise having access to a pickup truck. It’s also often the case that you have to make multiple trips, which means more loading, unloading, disposing of, driving, and paying for gas. And all that’s even if you have a landfill within convenient driving distance, which many people don’t.
  • Except for some legally banned items and substances that your rental company will make you aware of, you can put almost anything into a roll-off dumpster as long as you don’t exceed the weight limit or overfill it (you aren’t allowed to have anything extending above the top). Cleaning up your yard after a storm or a harsh winter? Needing to toss that old rocking chair that seems ready to fall apart? Looking for a way to get rid of waste concrete after a patio build? A rental roll-off dumpster is a disposal for all of these and more.

How Do I Go About Renting a Dumpster in Orlando?

“What’s the dumpster rental process in my area? Is it complicated? Are there a lot of tedious steps involved? Is it really worth the time and hassle?”

If you’re asking one or more of those questions, we have answers. Let’s take them one at a time.

  1. The dumpster rental process is actually pretty uniform no matter where you are, so you probably don’t have to worry about complications based on where you live. We’ll get to that shortly.
  2. No! We’ll get to that soon as well!
  3. Another no! It’s actually really easy. Please read on!
  4. Absolutely yes! The ease of the process, combined with all the benefits discussed above, makes renting a roll-off dumpster the best waste disposal solution in so many situations.

Roll-off dumpsters, depending on their size, range from fairly large to really big, so if you find yourself wondering if the process of renting one is a big one, too, that’s understandable. And while it’s generally not our practice to tell people they’re wrong, this is one of those exceptions where we’re happy to say that.

The dumpster rental process is pretty simple and straightforward almost anywhere, and it consists of these four easy steps:

  1. It all starts with requesting a quote. Here at RGH Waste & Disposal, we’re ethical and confident enough in our services that we offer free quotes. Other reputable dumpster rental companies will as well. Beware companies that want you to pay just to find out what they’ll ask you to pay them. On the dumpster rental company’s website, you should have no trouble finding their phone number so that you can call and request a quote. Most likely, you’ll also have an online request option that either delivers a quote or facilitates someone getting back to you in order to provide one, get more information, and let you ask questions.

  2. The next step is even easier. Choose the day that you want your rental dumpster to be delivered. If you go with RGH Waste & Disposal, then within 24 hours of your requested date, we’ll dispatch a truck to deliver the dumpster to the site you’ve specified. It will also be clean and odor-free. Other companies will deliver within a similar window; 3 days is usually the max.

  3. Now that the rental dumpster is at your site, you can fill it with whatever debris you need to dispose of as long as it isn’t a banned item and you don’t load the dumpster above its top. Tip: load bulky items first; smaller items can fill the gaps so that you make more efficient use of the space available.

  4. The last step is the easiest one of all. Schedule a pickup date, or call us when you’re done. While the response time will vary by company, RGH Waste & Disposal will send a truck within 24 hours, and then we’ll haul everything away so that you never have to see it or think about it again.

Why Rent a Roll-Off Dumpster from RGH Waste & Disposal?

Same-day or next-day delivery and pickup in Orlando, dumpster sizes to accommodate any job, and fair, upfront pricing without hidden fees are some of the top reasons to go with us. If you’re ready for a quote, let us know! Send us a message or give us a call anytime at (407) 412-5800.


Lisa is the General Manager of RGH Waste and Disposal LLC. After many years of working in waste management, Lisa has ‘seen it all’ and then some! She knows the 'ins' and 'outs' of waste disposal and has a wealth of experience from years of working with first-time dumpster renters to seasoned commercial clients.