What Fits Inside a 6-Yard Dumpster?

Many homeowners and businesses find themselves needing to rent a dumpster on a temporary or permanent basis. Home renovations, room renovations, and decluttering, amongst many other projects, require a solution more extensive than a standard trash bin. We’ll explain why you need a home dumpster rental or a commercial rental. We’ll also explore what fits into a 6-yard dumpster to give you a good idea of the right size for your project. We’ll look at where the dumpster should be stored, as well as items to keep out of your 6-yard dumpster. Let’s dive in! (No pun intended!)



A dumpster ensures that waste and trash don’t litter the ground and surrounding area. If you’re starting a home renovation project, lots of debris will be generated. Some homeowners don’t realize the damage caused by overcramming home trash bins. The excess trash is bound to blow away or fall out once the truck starts the dump, and trash and debris wind up in someone else’s yard or worse.

Plus, if someone sees materials sticking out from your overflowing cans, it can be tempting to fish through them. When that happens, chances are debris and litter will be left on the ground once the person is done. If you aren’t there to pick it up, flat tires and a messy area will be waiting. Guess who’s responsible? Yep, it’s you.


Once you start a project, you want to keep the momentum rolling along. Having to make frequent stops because your home trash bin is full isn’t the best use of your time. If you’re the sort who has to stay busy, you may be tempted to make a pile until the bin is emptied. Now you’re making double work for yourself by handling the debris twice. Not only that, you run the risk of missing small items that will stay in the ground. You certainly don’t want you or the kids to step on a drywall screw or a nail you missed.



Many businesses encounter the need for dumpster rental. Restaurants and bars use them frequently to handle the volume of trash and litter generated every day. The relatively small size of the 6-yard dumpster enables it to tuck away in a secluded location, still accessible to trucks. This keeps the dirty business away from patrons. Many property managers choose the 6-yard dumpster size for apartments or businesses. A few strategically placed dumpsters offer an easy solution to collecting and disposing of trash on a regular basis.


The dimensions of a 6-yard dumpster are usually 6ft long x 5ft wide x 6ft high. This size is usually seen as a permanent fixture for businesses or apartments. If you have a large home remodel project and need a dumpster rental in Orlando, FL, a 6-yard dumpster is usually suitable.

Six cubic yards of trash will fit into a 6-yard dumpster. It will hold up to 1200 pounds of debris. You want to be sure you stay aware of your weight limit. Otherwise, you may be subject to overage charges, which can add up really quickly.

Although 6-yard dumpsters are tall (6 feet), the door opening is much lower. This guarantees just about anyone will be able to load it. These dumpsters also have large top lids for bulky items and easy dumping. Make sure the 6-yard dumpster is the correct size for you. If the load is not level, meaning items stick out over the edges of the dumpster, it is not legal for the dumpster to drive away.


If you have a need for a home dumpster rental or are looking for a dumpster rental in the Orlando, FL, area, you want a visual idea of what will fit inside a 6-yard dumpster. Now a 6-yard dumpster is not designed to hold large amounts of weight such as concrete, dirt, rock, and brick. But if you can picture what two pick-up truckloads look like, that’s pretty accurate to 6 cubic yards of trash. Another way to envision that amount is by using 33-gallon trash bags. If you fill them without bursting, it will take between 30-50 bags to equal six cubic yards.

This size is perfect for holding an old deck tear-down. A landscape project from a normal-sized yard will also be accommodated in a 6-yard dumpster. A small bedroom remodel or decluttering a house may also be appropriate for this sized dumpster.


Commercial or home dumpster rental can certainly make life easier. No worrying about how to get large items to the dump. No accidents from construction debris, not where it should be. You can also get add-ons to make your project even smoother.


One of those convenient features is a lock bar. This prevents the top flaps from opening when you aren’t around to monitor. This removes the risk of illegal dumping. Now you won’t have to worry about your dumpster filling up from someone else. It also removes the worry of someone putting in a non-approved item. Plus, raccoons, bears, rats, and more won’t be able to dumpster-dive, either.


If you’re remodeling a bathroom or you’re using the 6-yard dumpster at an apartment complex, liquids are going to wind up inside. Protecting the environment dictates that the proper steps are taken before an accident happens. Adding a drain plug ensures nothing leaves the dumpster until it’s hauled away and disposed of properly. 


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Lisa is the General Manager of RGH Waste and Disposal LLC. After many years of working in waste management, Lisa has ‘seen it all’ and then some! She knows the 'ins' and 'outs' of waste disposal and has a wealth of experience from years of working with first-time dumpster renters to seasoned commercial clients.